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Have you already tried to resolve a dispute with honest and direct communication? That’s the first step we always advise. What if there’s no joy? What’s your next step? At rosendorff Lawyers, we always strive to resolve disputes before litigation becomes necessary. We are experts in alternative dispute resolution. This means that our clients consistently benefit from outcomes that avoid intense and costly litigation. If these resolution methods fail and litigation is the only option, our litigation lawyers will strive for a fast, positive and cost-effective outcome for you. 

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At Rosendorff Lawyers, we are committed to helping our clients achieve the best result in every legal dispute. We believe that the most satisfactory outcomes are achieved through honesty, and we take great pride in offering open, client-focused litigation and dispute resolution services. Led by the experience of Brett Samuel and Ash Hetherington, our team of Melbourne litigation lawyers is always intent on providing cost-effective and trustworthy results across a range of jurisdictions, industries and cases.

When it comes to resolving disputes, litigation is no one’s first choice. The process can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining, which is why we at Rosendorff Lawyers always offer an honest appraisal of your legal situation and endeavour to resolve disputes before litigation becomes necessary. Our team are experts in alternative dispute resolution, and our clients consistently benefit from outcomes that avoid intense and costly litigation. Other forms of dispute resolution in which we have experience include arbitration, mediation and conciliation.

When other dispute resolution methods fail or cannot achieve your desired outcome, litigation becomes appropriate. Where necessary, our team can assist with a wide range of both commercial and general litigation needs. In these instances, we are proud to demonstrate a track record that combines satisfactory outcomes with affordable fees and an honest appraisal of the potential for each case. We believe that successful litigation is about more than just the outcome of each case – it’s about showing care and respect for our clients and offering honest and respectful service. Litigation can be long and expensive, and we will always put the interests of our clients first, seeking fast and positive outcomes.


Areas Of Litigation Law We Have Experience in

Our team, headed by Brett Samuel and Ash Hetherington, has a combined wealth of experience to rival any firm of litigation lawyers in Melbourne. You’ll find our expertise extends across all relevant jurisdictions, including VCAT, Magistrates, Supreme, County and Federal courts, allowing us to pursue a range of options to suit your requirements. While our first recommendation is often to find satisfactory outcomes with other forms of dispute resolution (such as mediation and conciliation), we are always well-equipped to assist when a case proceeds to litigation.

We can assist with both commercial and general litigation in areas such as:

  • Property
  • Building and Construction
  • Defamation
  • Shareholder and Partnership disputes
  • Employment
  • Debt collection
  • IP
  • Breach of contract

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between commercial and general litigation?

The only practical difference between commercial and general litigation is the parties involved. General litigation involves the representation of an individual and might include concerns such as contractual disputes, debt, discrimination, personal injuries and more. On the other hand, commercial litigation involves the representation of a commercial entity, like a business. This can include areas such as franchise disputes, breach of contract, restraint of trade and landlord/tenant disputes. Regardless of whether your case falls under commercial or general litigation, the team at Rosendorff Lawyers will always take the same care and respect for your situation, working to achieve your desired outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner.

How long does the litigation process take?

There are many reasons to try and avoid litigation, such as the potential cost and emotional toll. The length of litigation, too, can make the process unpalatable for many clients who are hoping for speedy resolutions to their issues. In most cases, we will recommend any of the many alternative dispute resolution forms (such as arbitration, conciliation and mediation) before proceeding with litigation. If, however, a trial is unavoidable, it’s reasonable to expect litigation to take 12-24 months or more, depending on the complexities of your case. However, there is no hard and fast rule here, and we will always do our best to keep you advised of potential timeframes.

What is alternative dispute resolution?

When you proceed with litigation in the courts or tribunal system, you will have your case heard by a judge or magistrate. The process here is potentially stressful, costly and slow. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) uses an impartial practitioner to assist in helping people resolve their disputes amicably. Importantly, because ADR doesn’t defer to the decision of a judge or magistrate, no judicial determinations are recorded. There are various avenues available for alternative dispute resolution, and in many cases, a court will require parties to attempt to resolve their issues through some form of ADR before allowing litigation to proceed at the court or tribunal level.

Are there different types of ADR?

The Australian Attorney-General’s Department lists three categories of ADR: facilitative, advisory and determinative. The three categories are separated by the methods of resolution used and range across a spectrum from assisting parties to come to a resolution on their own (facilitative), to making value judgements on potential outcomes (advisory) and recording hard determinations of how to proceed (determinative).

Specific types of ADR within those categories (which may involve more than one of the three) include:

  • Arbitration: Both parties present arguments to a resolution practitioner who makes an enforceable decision
  • Mediation: A voluntary meeting facilitated by an impartial party (known as the ‘mediator’)
  • Conciliation: A facilitator attempts to help both parties make an agreement, but the final outcome is not binding

Looking for a Litigation Lawyer In Melbourne?

Are you looking for a litigation law firm to handle your dispute? At Rosendorff Lawyers, we take considerable pride in our ability to achieve outstanding results for our clients, offering transparency, fair pricing and a team with years of experience. Our clients consistently benefit from our honest approach to litigation, with flexible fees, free case reviews and high-quality service at every stage. Whether we can achieve your best results with alternative dispute resolution or litigation, you can be confident that the team from Rosendorff Lawyers is on your side.

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Illan ElbergIllan Elberg
09:58 29 Aug 23
We engaged Brett to assist us with some issues we were having in relation to an easement. The matter was dealt with swiftly and professionally. Highly recommend.
12:03 13 Aug 23
I engaged Brett Samuel from Rosendorff Lawyers to help me with a commercial dispute. Brett really went out of his way to understand my dispute and I found him empathetic, thorough and a great advocate. Whilst I had to commence a court proceeding, Brett and his team obtained a really good result for me at mediation so that I would not have to spend significant amounts of money running the case to a trial. I would highly recommend Rosendorff Lawyers to anyone seeking help with their business legal needs and I would be very happy to use Brett and his team again.
Saurav VermaSaurav Verma
01:02 10 Jun 23
Brett and Karan from Rosendorff Lawyers handled my case andI would highly recommend them. They explained all the options in detail upfront and request was completed in timely manner. Good communication, transparency and focus on helping the client.
Stephanie NigroStephanie Nigro
12:07 07 Mar 23
Ash was extremely thorough and went the extra mile to understand every detail of my case. He is very knowledgable, level-headed and his advice has been remarkable. He wrote a phenomenal letter of demand which resulted in a positive outcome for my case.I would without a doubt recommend Ash to all my family and friends who were in a property dispute.Matt La Selva
Mel MichaelMel Michael
04:22 06 Sep 22
My wife and I engaged the services of Rosendorff Lawyers in late 2020 to advise and assist us in a VCAT matter concerning ingress of water from a neighboring apartment through the other owner's balcony.It was a very lengthy process that included taking action against the other apartment owners, the Owners Corporation and ultimately against the builder of the apartments and their Lloyds of London high level Melbourne lawyers.We went through numerous arduous mediation conferences that would have been most stressful if it was not for the skills of the Rosendorff staff members, Brett Samuel and his associate Andrew Black who guided us through the complexities of the VCAT procedures.There was a lot of pressure by the opposing parties to not continue with our action, but Brett counselled us to move forward with it and ultimately, we had our day at VCAT in June 2022 with a resounding win for our side.Rosendorff Lawyers protect the interests of the minor parties against the weight of the major legal players and are to be commended for what they achieve.My wife and I are both in our early 80's. We could have ended up badly out of pocket with expenses etc., but Brett and Andrew successfully guided us all the way through the trauma for which we are extremely grateful to them both.I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rosendorff's to any person or organization looking for professional legal advice but with a need for a sympathetic lawyer.Sincerely,MELVYN MICHAEL

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  • I have known Brett Samuel and Rosendorff Lawyers for over 18 months. Brett is a commercially astute lawyer who provides excellent service, quick turnaround, responsive and useful advice and above all understands that clients expect results not just legal gobbledygook.

    I have referred Brett to a number of clients requiring commercial legal expertise and each has commented on his service and value for money approach to the law.

    I have also personally engaged Brett on a number of commercial and private matters and have found him to be an excellent ally. His advice is highlighted by providing options to the client but importantly, recommending a course of action that minimises risk and maximises outcomes. To date this approach has proven to be very valuable and what I, as a client, expects.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Brett for any commercial matter that you need advice on.

    Colin Linke, Director, Bentley Partners Accounting Services

  • I have used the services of Rosendorff Lawyers for a number of years now and have found them to be a great asset to my Business Sunburst Group. Their advice concerning contractual law and from time to time commercial litigation has been indispensable. Brett Samuel is always a pleasure to deal with as he is meticulous in his research prior to any legal action we might be considering. My association with Rosendorff Lawyers has helped my business to make the correct informeddecisions and in doing so has enabled me to save many thousands of dollars that otherwise uniformed decisions may have cost me.


  • Thanks for the excellent work you and your team at Rosendorff Lawyers did throughout the whole process of setting up Tarp Asset Management. The advice given was much appreciated. Coming in under budget was a welcome surprise too. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosendorff Lawyers to anyone searching for a reputable Melbourne-based financial services law firm. Your team went well above and beyond what was required to achieve success. I look forward to a long and rewarding professional relationship with Rosendorff Lawyers.

    Alex Tarpkos Tarp Asset Management

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