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Rosendorff Lawyers – Melbourne-Based Lawyers with expertise in Small Business, Commercial & Property Law.

Rosendorff Lawyers is a multi-disciplined boutique Melbourne law firm. Our team of experienced lawyers have a range of skills across a broad spectrum of business, property, constructionestate planning employment law and litigation.

Our Services

Explore our comprehensive range of legal services offered by our professional and attentive law experts.

The key practice areas we specialise in are:

  • Business & Commercial –commercial transactions and business disputes
  • Property & Planning – regulations, rights, and obligations related to real estate and land use.
  • Building & Construction – governing the legal aspects of the construction industry.
  • Employment & Workplace – the legal relationship and regulation between employer and employee.
  • Wills & Estates -the legal principles and regulations governing the distribution of a person’s assets and property upon their death.
  • IPs & Trademark – the enforcement and protection of someone’s IP and trademarks.


Unlock the full potential of your business with our Business and Commercial legal services. From meticulous contract drafting and strategic business structuring to dispute resolution and debt collection assistance, we assist you in navigating legal complexities that may disrupt your business. Read more. 


Ensure your property ventures go smoothly with our extensive Property and Planning legal services. From conveyancing to land development, and property disputes, we will ensure your real estate endeavours thrive by handling any legal roadblocks that may get in the way. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Read more.


Rely on us to build a solid legal foundation for your building and construction plans. 

Whether you’re a builder, tradie, developer or homeowner, we can assist you with the “front end” and “back end” construction legal concerns. From building contract drafting, defects claims and commercial/domestic disputes. To building regulation compliance, our team can assist you in settling any legal issues. Read more.


Managing employees and addressing workplace issues can be difficult and all-consuming. You need external expertise in handling employment and workplace legal matters. Our services include drafting airtight employment contracts, addressing workplace discrimination issues, and advocating for fair dismissal practices. Learn more about how we can assist you. Know more.


Planning your will and safeguarding your estates and assets can be tough to confront. When the inevitable happens, you want to ensure your loved ones have quality time to remember and grieve. Not to worry and stress about their future.

Our comprehensive Wills & Estates services range from will drafting, probate and estate administration, powers of attorney, and claims against the estate. We also specialise in strategic asset protections to protect your wealth for future generations. Know more.


Want to know how we can assist you in protecting your valuable IP?  Ideas and creations are created every second. And it takes a second for your idea to suddenly belong to someone else.

We specialise in intellectual property and trademark law. These services include trademark registration, copywriting protection, and patent application. Know more.

Who We Are 

At Rosendorff Lawyers, our team strives to work in our valuable clients’ best interests. We have a longstanding reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, and directness. We are committed to delivering outstanding outcomes in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Want to learn more about who we are? Read more.

Our Story 

Rosendorff Lawyers, whose lawyers have been practising law with the prestigious law practice McCay & Thwaites since 1898, was officially founded by Alan Rosendorff over two decades ago.

Over the years, the firm has evolved into one of the leading boutique law firms in Melbourne, Australia.

Under the leadership of Melbourne lawyers, Brett Samuel and Dianne Watson, and supported by an experienced legal team, Rosendorff Lawyers boasts a collective of over 40 years of legal expertise. 

Throughout this time, the firm has been dedicated to providing invaluable legal advice and representation to many individuals and small to medium-sized businesses.

Discover more about our commitment to excellence and client success.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to be that beacon of legal excellence, relentless in our commitment to our clients. Providing cost-effective, trustworthy, and efficient legal services and solutions is at the forefront of our goals. Ensuring the highest standards of representation with every interaction, we aim to be your trusted partner for all of your legal needs.

Why Choose Rosendorff Lawyers 

What is our point of difference?

When choosing the best lawyers in Melbourne, you need straight-talking, approachable law experts, who don’t give their clients the run around by dragging cases at the expense of the client. Life gives you hurdles, your lawyer should NOT be one of them. We are here to assist you and be your preferred legal partner.


Personable, approachable, and trustworthy. 

Our “open door” policy extends to our clients. We pride ourselves on our accessibility. We encourage our clients to connect directly with our law firm’s partners. This allows for immediate assistance when needed and adds a personal touch to your experience. 


For many business and property legal cases, we can provide a fixed fee quote. 

How do we do it?

We have acted on many similar cases, which have demonstrated a predictable process and outcome. As a result, we know how much time and effort is required therefore providing a more accurate quote. Giving you peace of mind about what to expect. 

Contact us TODAY to see if you qualify for our fixed fee rates.


Our decades of extensive knowledge and experience put us on the map as one of the best law firms in Melbourne, Australia.

What makes us the ultimate law experts?

Collectively, we have accumulated years of experience and expertise in Commercial, Corporate, and Business Law, Property Law and Conveyancing, Taxation, Building and Construction, Intellectual Property, Employment and Workplace Relations, Wills and Estate Planning, Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency and Franchise Law.

You will feel confident that your legal matters will be addressed.


Located along the prestigious and iconic St Kilda Road in Melbourne. Our dedication to our client’s legal needs is just as important as Melbourne’s coffee culture obsession. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of Melbourne’s legal landscape, providing clients with personalised and informed legal solutions.


Uncertain about whether you have a case? Unsure your legal issues are worth pursuing? Reluctant to see a lawyer because you’re afraid you’ll be charged exorbitant fees?

We can provide a FREE initial case review to understand your potential needs. This will provide a no-pressure approach that will enable you to plan your next steps.


We understand that your time is valuable. Our dedicated team are committed to delivering quick results concerning your legal matters. We aim to provide efficient, effective solutions so you can overcome your legal barrier, move on and succeed in life. 

Contact us today on 03 8320 2955 to arrange an appointment and consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Please view our Lawyer Services page for more details.

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Our Happy Clients

The Difference Is In Our Level Of Experience Defending The Most Difficult Cases & Our Rigorous Approach To Each Matter

  • I have known Brett Samuel and Rosendorff Lawyers for over 18 months. Brett is a commercially astute lawyer who provides excellent service, quick turnaround, responsive and useful advice and above all understands that clients expect results not just legal gobbledygook.

    I have referred Brett to a number of clients requiring commercial legal expertise and each has commented on his service and value for money approach to the law.

    I have also personally engaged Brett on a number of commercial and private matters and have found him to be an excellent ally. His advice is highlighted by providing options to the client but importantly, recommending a course of action that minimises risk and maximises outcomes. To date this approach has proven to be very valuable and what I, as a client, expects.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Brett for any commercial matter that you need advice on.

    Colin Linke, Director, Bentley Partners Accounting Services

  • I have used the services of Rosendorff Lawyers for a number of years now and have found them to be a great asset to my Business Sunburst Group. Their advice concerning contractual law and from time to time commercial litigation has been indispensable. Brett Samuel is always a pleasure to deal with as he is meticulous in his research prior to any legal action we might be considering. My association with Rosendorff Lawyers has helped my business to make the correct informeddecisions and in doing so has enabled me to save many thousands of dollars that otherwise uniformed decisions may have cost me.


  • Thanks for the excellent work you and your team at Rosendorff Lawyers did throughout the whole process of setting up Tarp Asset Management. The advice given was much appreciated. Coming in under budget was a welcome surprise too. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosendorff Lawyers to anyone searching for a reputable Melbourne-based financial services law firm. Your team went well above and beyond what was required to achieve success. I look forward to a long and rewarding professional relationship with Rosendorff Lawyers.

    Alex Tarpkos Tarp Asset Management

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