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Is somebody spreading lies about you on Facebook? Or on other social media or the internet? Defamation is when someone “publishes” material that harms your reputation. And this can include verbal statements. What can you do about it? Plenty. A free consultation call with one of our defamation lawyers will outline your options. It might be as simple as serving the offender with a Concerns Notice. This can result in the offender removing the defamatory material, apologising for what they’ve done and, if appropriate, providing a cash settlement to you for any loss or hurt caused.

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Has someone published some lies about you on the internet? Has someone posted a facebook page about you that is not true and causing you harm?

Do you need help fighting back?

Sometimes stopping the publication of this defamatory material can be as simple as us writing a letter on your behalf, but when you need to commence proceedings in court our lawyers are ready to fight for your rights.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is when someone publishes material which harms your reputation. Your reputation can be harmed by exposing you to shame, hatred, lowering others opinion of you or where others shun or avoid you. Defamation law covers material published on social media (facebook, tripadvisor, twitter etc), pictures and even verbal statements.

To succeed in a defamation action, you need to prove that

    • the communication has been published; and
    • the communication has been published to a third person; and
    • the communication identifies your or is about you; and
    • The communication is defamatory 

Expert Defamation Lawyers Protecting Your Future

Rosendorff Lawyers have assisted a number of clients resolve their defamation claims, both in an outside of court. Often matters can be resolved without going to court by way of serving the offending party with a concerns notice. This will result in the defamer agreeing to apologise for their actions, remove the defamatory material and where appropriate, agree to a cash settlement for the financial or other hurt they have caused our clients.

Where necessary, we will also commence defamation proceedings on behalf of our clients to ensure they are properly compensated for the hurt, shame and where relevant, loss of business they have suffered as a result of the defamatory comments.

Areas of Defamation Law We Can Advise On

We can assist you with defamatory material published against you, whether on the internet, social media, print media, radio or within the company or industry that you are employed by. 

We also have deep experience in defending defamation proceedings or claims of defamation. We are able to advise you on whether any of the defences to defamation apply to your case and how to best apply the law to your advantage.

Contact a Rosendorff Defamation Lawyer Today

At Rosendorff Lawyers, we are regularly engaged to assist people with their defamation cases. We act for clients who have received malicious Google reviews, have had disparaging comments about them published on Facebook and employees who have been defamed at work. If you have been defamed, the law is there to protect you and we can use it to help you get the best possible result.

You can fight back and you can do something about it. Defamation Law is there to protect you from someone destroying your reputation. If someone publishes something untrue about you, you should:

  • keep detailed records of what happened, when, where and who was responsible,
  • quickly collect all the evidence you can before it disappears, and
  • come and see us as soon as possible, as there are rules about defamation in Victoria that you need to consider before going further.

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Our Happy Clients

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  • I have known Brett Samuel and Rosendorff Lawyers for over 18 months. Brett is a commercially astute lawyer who provides excellent service, quick turnaround, responsive and useful advice and above all understands that clients expect results not just legal gobbledygook.

    I have referred Brett to a number of clients requiring commercial legal expertise and each has commented on his service and value for money approach to the law.

    I have also personally engaged Brett on a number of commercial and private matters and have found him to be an excellent ally. His advice is highlighted by providing options to the client but importantly, recommending a course of action that minimises risk and maximises outcomes. To date this approach has proven to be very valuable and what I, as a client, expects.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Brett for any commercial matter that you need advice on.

    Colin Linke, Director, Bentley Partners Accounting Services

  • I have used the services of Rosendorff Lawyers for a number of years now and have found them to be a great asset to my Business Sunburst Group. Their advice concerning contractual law and from time to time commercial litigation has been indispensable. Brett Samuel is always a pleasure to deal with as he is meticulous in his research prior to any legal action we might be considering. My association with Rosendorff Lawyers has helped my business to make the correct informeddecisions and in doing so has enabled me to save many thousands of dollars that otherwise uniformed decisions may have cost me.


  • Thanks for the excellent work you and your team at Rosendorff Lawyers did throughout the whole process of setting up Tarp Asset Management. The advice given was much appreciated. Coming in under budget was a welcome surprise too. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosendorff Lawyers to anyone searching for a reputable Melbourne-based financial services law firm. Your team went well above and beyond what was required to achieve success. I look forward to a long and rewarding professional relationship with Rosendorff Lawyers.

    Alex Tarpkos Tarp Asset Management

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